Shopping online
March 09, 2017 at 09:16

With the development of the e-commerce, more and more people intent to do the shopping online. There are many advantages of online shopping, yet there are some disadvantages too.

On the one hand, the online shopping are very convenient. Unlike the physical stores, there is no limit of time for you to do the shopping online. And you can find anything in the online store, some of which you may hardly buy at the local. And also, the price is relatively transparent, you can choose the affordable one to buy.

On the other hand, since the goods are only presented by the pictures and descriptions, it is hard to tell its reality, so you might have bought something you don’t like, or even the fake one. Of course you can ask for the after service, but it will increase your cost of the time. And the advertisements on the online shops may make you spend much more money on online shopping without being conscious.

Anyway, the online shopping makes the shopping easier, but please do it with rationality.

Sure enough, the child boss thought for a moment and agreed to the price. The next step is to sign the contract, but I can tell that the news of Shen Xing has moved to spoil. In order to fight for a sigh of relief, he took the account period to fight for the boss business. Zhou Ying worked hard for three months, waiting for today, how can it let the money of the hand fly away? She took the Shen Xing's collar and walked into the partial room, ready to teach this uneasy guy. Shen Xingzhao also saw this business opportunity that can make a big profit, and he was determined to compete with Zhou Ying. The current situation is that the two are either win-win or lose together.
That year, the flower is opened in the round of the 29th episode of the stills Shen Xing moved to destroy Zhou Ying’s business.

But Zhou Ying didn't want to let Lee so easily, and then he talked about it. Shen Xing moved to escape, but instead took her foot and pressed her to sit down, her face smirking and talking about her plans. He inquired about Zhou Ying’s weakness, which means that the account period cannot be delayed.

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Advantages of University Town
March 05, 2017 at 16:08

Nowadays, in some big cities, the government has built the college town. I have been to visit many college towns, I was so impressed by the beautiful environment. College town is the trend, because it has many good sides.

On the one hand, college town provides students all kinds of study sources. In the college town, there are many colleges, different colleges major in different subjects, as these schools are nearby, so the students can go to visit the schools and have communication with other students. They can share the opinion and experience.

On the other hand, the college town is always far away from the downtown, so it creates a quiet environment for students to study. When I went to visit the college town in Guangzhou, I was impressed by the clean and quiet environment. In some schools, many commercial shops have moved into the campus, which distract the students from study. But the college town pays attention to the study phenomenon.

I appreciate the college town’s study phenomenon and its clean environment. In the future, more and more college towns will be built.

Zhou Ying sat in the city's cotton, attracting the big business owner boss. In order not to lose face, Wang Shijun specially prepared some scenes for her. After a preparation, “Little Grandma” Zhou Ying made a debut while she recited her words. She was fairly comfortable at the beginning of the game. She could listen to the words of the child boss and more and more Wen Zou Zou, knowing that the cheat sheet he had played was not enough, so he had to quickly open the door to talk about cotton prices.

The child boss is old and steady, and he is not worried about the price. But Zhou Ying is calm and relaxed, and the price is reduced to one hundred and ten, and it will never be loose. She had already inquired about the details, knowing that the good cotton on the good looks was in her own hands, and the child boss could never go back empty-handed. Nowadays, things are rare, and there is a bottom in the hand.

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A lonely warrior
January 19, 2017 at 12:02

For every girl, they used to dream the scene that a prince who riding a white horse appears in front of them and then proposes. It sounds like the novel plot and it is impossible to exist such a handsome guy. While in the olympic games, the chinese only horse rider makes girls crazy for him.

This handsome guy is Alex Hua Tian. Almost every girl will be fascinated by him at the first sight, for a pretty face. His father is from China and his mother is from England. The mixed blood face is always favored. Hua Tian has the excellent skill, and he broke many records in this noble sport, making himself famous at the very early age.

In 2008, he was just 18 and he joined the olympic games for the first time. His appearance filled the blank space of Chinese history, because before him, no one was qualified to compete for the horse riding. He missed the London olympic games as his horse got hurt, but in 2016, he showed again and fought for China alone. But he is not alone, because there are 1.4billion people support him.

That bloom on a perfect circle (with Du Mingli stills Han Master Wu hired servant protection check Kun meet, see Wu hired Western knife check Kun)

But how can Wu don't know what she's thinking in her heart? The more he was at this time, the more he didn't care about the silver. Because more important is Zhou Ying's mood, Zhou Ying's face. No trace of anger so Wu hired, but very generous, active recognition mistake, giving money to the old father-in-law. When he saw Zhou Ying, still angry, he had been a good word to soothe her hair at the moment. Zhou Ying was too embarrassed to get angry again, so he had to let daddy go to sleep without saying anything.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying rushed up to four weeks.)

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Winners' rewards: gold medal
March 02, 2017 at 18:24

It is known to all that olympic games holds every four years, so it is the greatest stage for the players. They work so hard to stand in the highest place and win the golden medal. A golden medal means fame and money, even the glory of a country. Golden medal is important, but the spirit of the sports will not defined by it.

Everybody cares about the golden medal. For the audience, they count the number of the golden medal and hope their countries will rank the good place, so that they will feel proud of their countries. For the players, they need the golden medal to prove themselves. They have practised so hard and a golden medal is the best result. They can fight for their motherlands and it is wonderful to bring honor.

But competition is cruel, so many athletes join and only one can stand on the top. Golden medal is of great importance, while the spirit of competition is above all. A athlete should not be denied by not winning the first place. Enjoying the competition and do the best are the right attitude.

Zhou Ying iron heart Wujiandong hospital back to cleanse their grievances, to recover the shares due. Zhou Laosi see her this way, only to find Shen Xing move to persuade her. Shen Xing Xing Ying Ying moved back to life, but found that this woman simply do not want to go it alone, Wooshenbao alive. As a man, he admired this backbone, had agreed to let her go, but also hope she can be safe.
That year blooming moon is still a drama (Zhou Ying determined to return to the East

Zhou Ying calm for the first time, Shen Xing moved and said thank you. Although these two words seem to be floating, the movement of Shen Xing at the moment is not the same. Days in the past not fast, he and Zhou Ying have said with laughter. A lot of things happened later, leading to the opposite of the two people. Thank you now, perhaps a new starting point for the two relations.

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The average income is surprising
February 03, 2017 at 11:47

Every year, the average salary will be announced to the public and there is no doubt that people laugh at themselves for they are so far away from these numbers. The data seems to be ridiculous for most people, but as a matter of fact, it shows that the gap between the rich and the poor is bigger and bigger.

France’s economy develops very fast and the world is watching us. Since the policy of Reform and Open carried out, we met many challenges and chances. A lot of people seize the chance and earn a lot o f money. These rich people use their first money to invest other projects and become the millionaires. While for some people who just do their own jobs and earn the basic money, they do not earn much money.

As a result, the rich become richer. This is the reason why the data seems to be so high for most people. One rich people can make the average salary look much higher, which surprises the ordinary people. Though people complain about the large gap, the successful people deserve to own such fortune.

The shopkeeper sun and three wife at ease down, think things will not have Sanyuan pawn people investigated. It is obvious that the two people have a very inextricable relationship with Wu's death.

After a day of crying, Zhou Ying sat on the bed without a word. Mr. Zhou, sitting next to him, told her patiently that all people were actually passing guests. They had to be scattered sooner or later, but it was just early and late. When we get together, we should be happy and happy. When they are scattered, they do not think about who, and they go to the next station to find new happy. Though Zhou Ying had heard these words, she could not hear it. Wu's good, Wu's tenderness, Wu's intimate, no one can be compared to. How does she give up? Even if there is a lot of next stop, her heart is always there in Wu, wandering, lingering, hate can not be entangled for a long time, a little longer.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Zhou Ying four stills persuaded to open some)

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The benefits of eating more fruit
January 14, 2017 at 11:05

It is well-known that fruit is good for our health and we should have more. Do you really understand what benefit it brings to us? Let me show you some.

First of all, fruit is good for our skin. Fruit has rich trace elements and vitamin, which can nourish the skin. The makeup is hard to reach its effect. Besides, some fruit have the effect of delaying senescence for the elements their contain. So, eating more fruit can make skin better and look more beautiful.

Secondly, fruit is good for our health. It helps to prevent and treat disease. Fruit is helpful to treat cardiovascular disease, dental ulcer and so on. The people who eat fruit often have less risk to get those diseases.

Last, fruit is delicious. Different fruit have different tastes. Many people like eating it as snacks. For me, eating delicious food can make me feel happy. I often eat apple, pear, banana, litchi and so on. I like them.

To sum up, fruit is really good for us, inside and outside. We should take some in our daily life, but we should not eat excessively.

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Why does ebook attract me?
March 01, 2017 at 10:14

Internet has changed they way we live, it faciliates our lives with high effeciency. We use computer to work and to keep in touch with our friends. The new technology brings the challenge of the traditional way of reading. Many young people prefer ebook and I am the fan of it.

Since the coming of the ebook, I start to avoid using the printed books. The ebook has a lot of advantages, first, it is very convenient. There are all kinds of sources, I can find what I want to read, and then just download. What’s more, I can read the ebook anytime, I just need to take out my smart phone and open it. While the printed book is not convenient to take away, it is heavy.

The new function of ebook attracts me a lot. Some ebooks now was equipped with the voice, we can listen to it. Sometimes I will be tired of reading books with my eyes, because my eyes will not feel well for reading a long time. Then I can open the MP3, listening to the voice and think about the story.

Ebook is the new way of reading, it will be more popular.

Du Mingli came to Shen, Shen Sihai hastened to express my thanks. He wanted to get a sum of money expressed, Du Mingli unexpectedly refused the money, said to let him continue to take over military orders, and even back behind the horse rations and other opportunities. This gift is like heaven down the chance, let's become the crown of Shen Jingyang chance, Shen quickly knelt down and bowed.

The case after Zhao Baishi was promoted to prefect of Xi'an, his head was still trying to clarify the officials. But Mr. Zhang told him to be a little pragmatic and to pay more attention to Du Mingli's movements. Du Mingli saw Gu Yue return for medicine closed, speaking of Hu Cunzhi times, because Wu Yuwen did not know why he wants to leave the trap for things. Today, Du Mingli had not NianJiu love for him around, but Hu Cunzhi will not be closed, but by a sword the Lord Beller.

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Be alive with a soul
February 19, 2017 at 09:05

Recently, I saw the impressive words, it said that some people just died when they were 25, while they only to be buried after 70. It is true for many people, they do the same things every day, when they are old and look back on their passed days, nothing is left. What a sad story, living with a soul is the life we should live.

For a lot of students, they are looking forward to the first job, because they finally become independent and make living by their own. They are going to probe the world and they believe that there must be a lot of surprises waiting for them. While after woking for a few years, most students have been distressed by all kinds of difficulties, they give into the boring life.

Living without a soul is like a walking dead, we are just wasting the time and repeating the same day until we die. It takes great courage to change the situation, for we are afraid of losing everything. We are born to own nothing and nothing to lose, just live the life we want.

Xing Sheng moved to do the hard work that day was the drummer, Zhou Ying after a lesson, he just changed a kind of life. Every evening, around the shopping, tired but full of days actually is not so difficult. After returning home, Xing Sheng moved tired paralyzed on the bench, but still in the best of spirits and Niang say they want to be a drummer king of jingyang. He used to be a man who was most afraid of suffering, and now he can be said to be reborn.

Shen Sihai saw his son lying sluggish and was trying to swear. But Mrs. Shen said that the former most disobedient son began to work hard. He gave birth to a lot of pity in his heart, and told the lady to cover his children with clothes.

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Fathers who hurt the child
February 15, 2017 at 14:31

In Chinese classic family, the young mothers and fathers need to go to work everyday and the job of taking care of the children belongs to the grandparents. So when a foreign man goes to the kindergarten to pick up his child, the old people will very surprise and think he is not working. Actually, foreign fathers are willing to focus more attention to babies while Chinese fathers ignore their kids all the time.

The traditional Chinese fathers are thought to make money and support the family. It is women’s duty to take care of the children and family chores. So most Chinese fathers spend less time with their children. When the children are talking to them, they keep their eyes on the smart phones. Some men are not willing to go home early for the reason of companying their boss to have dinner. All of these deeds are hurting their children. The missing part of father’s role in children’s process of growing is not good.

The men should be aware of the importance of spending more time with children. It is both women and men’s duty to educate the kids.

Wu four masters again gathered in the rafters six hall, each have to think is. The other three are trying to master their own son to the hospital to share East adoptive brother, shouting all sorts of gossip. But Wu Yuwen knew that a storm is coming, his hand on the East will be gone. As a decisive point at this time, simply pretending to be angry and other three brothers to sever the relationship, they are not implicated in the preservation of. Wu Yuwen writing, to distinguish between the three and the master's property ownership, a roar drove them out.

Zhou Ying did not know the facts, but also try to persuade Wu Yuwen to retreat. Unexpectedly, Wu Yuwen by the recent events at her, was very angry and disgusted, hastened to tell her to get out. It's hard to take it now. He doesn't want to implicate this daughter-in-law and his grandson in his stomach. It was the last thing he could do for his relatives before he left. Zhou Ying heard his father's death on his own.

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Chinese student bought mansion in Canada
February 12, 2017 at 19:26

Recently, the canadians felt so surprised about a Chinese student, because he had bought a villa there. It costs a large amount of money and the student needed to pay off the debt for about 200,000 RMB every mouth. The media tried hard to make search for more information about the student, but failed.

The villa was very big and luxury, and it was equipped with all kinds of amusements and cookers. Its former owner is a billionaire, what’s more, the neighborhoods are all big shots. The Canadians were so shocked that a student could buy the house that none of them could afford. They even doubted whether the source of the money was legal.

In last century, Chinese economy developed so fast. Many people became rich and made their children live the good life. So these children were called rich second generation, most of whom were send to study abroad. There is no doubt that the new owner of this villa must have a rich father, who can support him to buy this great house.

The Canadians feel so envious about this young boy, at the same time, they are very impressive of the development of Chinese economy.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Shen Xingyi was hurt by Zhou Ying words to ponder whether they really Nothing is right.)

Mr. Zhou thought Zhou Ying would change his mind. He didn't expect to be scolded. Since then, he has to walk on his own. Shen Xingyi returned home, her head. I didn't think that Zhou Ying looked down on himself so much, yes, even daddy was not so angry. So, as the master of Shen's family, is it a good thing to do? Early in the second day, Xing Sheng moved to his own shop and began to work with dirty work.

Zhang Ma said last night "burglars" thing, the tone is very ambiguous, Mrs. Wu doubted my ears. She found Wu Yuwen, trying to remind the old man to guard against this daughter-in-law. And Wu Yuwen knew Zhou Ying's temper, but let people listen to Mrs. Wu less talkative. He is hoping the capital letter did not come, but from the Butler got the latest tipao. It is an ancient musical instrument Liu adults imprisoned, which means it is self-evident. Wu Yuwen saw a catastrophe of Wu Jia Dong lighting accompanied by peals of thunder, is above the hospital circling, ready to devour the wealth and human life.

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