Lost in disneyland

Aroat posted on November 05, 2016 at 17:15

Du Mingli suddenly visited the door, and Shen Yuesheng asked about the orders for the munitions. He thought a winner, did not think Du Mingli said this business has been decided. Life when they arent Shen Wu with the patron get orders, now it is being the most provocative in two words or three sensitive nerve. Du Mingli was so gentle on the surface that he was in fact ambitious, and the situation behind it was becoming more and more dangerous.

After Du Mingli's farewell from Shen's home, Shen Yuesheng's father and son were filled with unwillingness and dissatisfaction, and refused to withdraw from the competition of military orders. Good counsel Du Mingli heart know that people like the devil at the moment, the more depressed, the more will burst out in the back. The chessboard that he laid out has been most successful.

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