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Aroat posted on January 09, 2017 at 15:51

Zhou Ying wants to go out, but was stopped by the boy. She listened to the bird's call out of the yard and thought she was not free and unwilling. When Wu came to come, he saw Zhou Ying climbed the tree and refused to come down. Wu had no choice but to promise her that she would take her out to the city as long as she had met her request. He is now the woman love is full of personal independence of conduct, a reluctant to blame.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying still climb the tree would not down, hire Wu promised to take her to go out to relax)

Shen Si Hai finally saw his son being put out and his heart was distressed. Xing Sheng moved his feet and wrists with blood. He was forced to bear the pain, kneeling in front of his father, full of unwillingness. Shen four gave him a slap and warned him not to act rashly temporarily. The next people are saying that Wu has been better, but Xing Sheng knows that big brother can't come back again. Despite the fact that the situation could not be questioned for the time being, he was still not going to give up.

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