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Aroat posted on January 11, 2017 at 17:03

When night comes to visit Du Mingli, Shen four knelt before him, give money. Now the Lord Shen in the days of harassment has lost his mind, even if you want to let the real Wu pay for their son's death. All this time in Du Mingli's plan, because he is the side page in the night quietly sneak into the warehouse into a false dragon wu. He is around the boy took the weapon to kill, check the Shenyang master Shen Yuesheng. Once the plot spread, gathering is not just a person's life. Du Mingli to Wu, is in the bag.

A week Yingshuan bell practice one day, finally have a kind of behavior. When she heard Wu hired home, she jumped up with excitement, and the sound of the bell was crisp. I saw Zhou Ying walking into the door with small steps, deliberately whispered softly words, holding the music is very funny. She also wanted to pour tea to her husband, but she fell to the ground because of the awkward walking. Zhou Ying said, sitting on the ground, Wu hired gently pull her up, smiled and said don't practice.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Yingxue rules no decent down)

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