The rising sun

Desmond posted on January 17, 2017 at 18:05

When the Rio olympic games was holding, the world’s watching the matches. The swimming contest is one of the most excellent games. Though American swimmers take the lead, Chinese swimmers have improved a lot. Sun Yang, Chinese best male swimmer has been accused of taking drugs after he won the silver medal, but he won a golden medal later to response the rumor.

When Sun Yang won a silver medal in his first match and he only lagged behind the No.1 swimmer only 0.13 second, he should get the applause. But the the swimmer from Australia felt very unsatisfied and called Sun drug cheater. It is so ridiculous. Sun responsed to the media that every athlete here should be respected.

In Sun’s second match, he won the golden medal, then all the rumors have been broken. Sun is the great athlete and he has the ability to defeat other players. At this moment, he proved to the world that he is king. The athlete who spread the rumor is shameful, as every player should be respected. Sun is mature and he is rising sun in China.

No trace of anger so Wu hired, but very generous, active recognition mistake, giving money to the old father-in-law. When he saw Zhou Ying, still angry, he had been a good word to soothe her hair at the moment. Zhou Ying was too embarrassed to get angry again, so he had to let daddy go to sleep without saying anything.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying rushed up to four weeks.)

Wu after all is to apologize to the shopkeeper Hu sent a letter of apology and a lot of money. When Hu Zhicun looked, he was fury and felt he was insulted. He thought again and again, and turned to Du Mingli. In the darkness of the night, the dark part of the human heart was also exposed. After all, Hu Cunzhi was relieved of her daughter and promised to falsely frame Wu Yuwen.

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