The choice of career

Desmond posted on November 12, 2016 at 14:54

When students graduate from college, most of them choose to start their career. In general opinion, a college student should work on something that is related to their major, if not, what they learn is believed to be wasted. In my opinion, everyone has their right to choose what they want to do, regardless of other’s criticism.

Recently, it has been reported that a student who graduated from first class university worked as a deliver guy. A lot of people felt pity for him, because they believed that this guy deserved a noble job, such as sitting in the office. While some people objected, they thought that every job was equal. There was no rule for people to decide what kind of job they should work on.

I believe that we should respect young people’s choice. The job they work on doesn’t mean they must use their major knowledge. The meaning of receiving education is to teach us to be a better person. Even though we choose to be a farmer, we are the different farmers, because we have better skill and more polite.

Soon, Wu Shen, the two things to make a munition ointment, began to run. All the herbs were found in the warehouse, and all of them were in an orderly manner. At the same time, the court also began to hire Wu Wu wedding. Zhou Ying listen to the girl about Wu Pinyao married Miss Hu, also saw her paintings hanging on the wall, not by a ridicule. Wu Pinlai just looking for Zhou Ying, asked her class after graduation to apprentice. Zhou Ying's idea is to leave here and have a chance to do his own small business.

Wu is interested in Zhou Ying's new ideas, and asks her to comment on Hu Yongmei's calligraphy and painting. Zhou Ying mercilessly that the painting is boring, claws. After Zhou Ying walked away, Wu had thought of her words, only felt funny, and turned the servant girl down.

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