A favourite of Grammy: Adele
January 08, 2017 at 14:47

Du Mingli took the boy went to Shenjiamen, the feeling suffered many setbacks. He is wearing a mask "to help", between words are provoking Shen universal emotions. Anger is sad but nowhere to vent the stalls, Shen Sihai seems to see the hope of revenge on Du Mingli, immediately promised to do everything. And Du Mingli also said that in three days, Xing Sheng would be able to move home.

Mr. Zhang came to visit Zhao Baishi after he received the dracon. He knew he was the disciple although humble, but she wanted to clarify the officials. As stubborn as Zhao Baishi, only from the overall situation to persuade him to put Xing Sheng shift first. Only in this way can we find an opportunity to apply for a retrial of military demand. After a debate, Zhao Baishi was successfully persuaded.

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Non-English shows are becoming more and more popular
January 07, 2017 at 13:24

Wu employed in the wedding night wake up smoothly, then the critical moment to come forward Zhou Yingshun chapter became a housewife. After Hu Yongmei hit dizzy, woke up, but that his beloved man has a girl and got married, can not help the tears fall down.

Zhou Ying woke up and saw the big red beds and the layout of the room, under customary with melon seeds will be eaten. A group of girls had been waiting outside, and they were fighting to wash her hands and feed the soup. The boy is shouting in unison less of her grandmother, Zhou Ying saw the parade uncomfortable, had to go It's politic to leave. Wu, who knew her personality, went to her office.

Wu Yuwen received just sent the letter, the original is the Imperial Emperor again, military fraud was completely cleared. With his son having passed the most dangerous days, he finally fell to the ground with the big stone in his heart.

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The origin of Father's Day
November 17, 2016 at 16:19

Wu Yuwen saw that Zhou Ying was not touched by a person behind a pillar outside the door. At this time, Wu Erye reminded him to bundle this girl, after all of a sudden you glory, splendour, wealth and rank body, move crooked mind. But Wu Yuwen also decided, as long as Zhou Ying to abide by the rules, he will treat this critical moment to come forward.

After the people were scattered, only Wu and Zhou Ying were left in the room. He looked at Zhou Ying in front of him, with a gentle face. Zhou Ying thought that Wu Pinhui disappointed, he said to Hu Yongmei back. I heard Wu said you were my wife and I would take care of you all my life. Zhou Ying did not respond to it, after all, the weight of his "life" was too heavy. She watched before playing maid called her little lady, can't adapt to the transformation of identity. Soon at the time of his bedtime, Zhou Ying took off his coat by himself and hurried to the bed and buried himself in the quilt.

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What is life for?
November 15, 2016 at 20:15

Outside the hospital is a lively wedding, Mrs. Wu looked at other relatives of the children, do not stop to worry about his son. Zhou Ying looked at the bed on the inner courtyard of the Wu employed, quietly to discuss with him, to wake up. It seemed as if she had heard her words, and Wu had opened his eyes slowly! Zhou Ying was happy to shout, "the young master wakes up!" A public servant ready meals, the doctor also rushed to view the illness. He said that Wu has been improving, so long as it is adjusted, it can be restored. Wu Yuwen immediately decided to do the wedding banquet transported with joy, three days, three days also sing opera.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying stills for Miss Hu to hire Wu Chongxi)

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The choice of career
November 12, 2016 at 14:54

Soon, Wu Shen, the two things to make a munition ointment, began to run. All the herbs were found in the warehouse, and all of them were in an orderly manner. At the same time, the court also began to hire Wu Wu wedding. Zhou Ying listen to the girl about Wu Pinyao married Miss Hu, also saw her paintings hanging on the wall, not by a ridicule. Wu Pinlai just looking for Zhou Ying, asked her class after graduation to apprentice. Zhou Ying's idea is to leave here and have a chance to do his own small business.

Wu is interested in Zhou Ying's new ideas, and asks her to comment on Hu Yongmei's calligraphy and painting. Zhou Ying mercilessly that the painting is boring, claws. After Zhou Ying walked away, Wu had thought of her words, only felt funny, and turned the servant girl down.

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Swimming skill and degree
November 10, 2016 at 15:43

After consultations with Wu, Shen Yuesheng went home to discuss the order with his father, Shen Si Hai. Shen master originally heard the son takes full of worries, a change to the name of the girl hanging right moment zhuanyouweixi.

Wu Yuwen came to Gu Yue's herbal medicine workshop to negotiate with the Hu cabinet to determine the supply of blood. The two businesses have been doing business for more than ten years. With business, Wu Yuwen smiled and put forward the marriage of Hu Yongmei and Wu hired. The bearer's permission was readily accepted and decided to do a happy event half a year later.

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The advantages of reading classic books
November 08, 2016 at 12:39

Wu Yuwen took Zhou Ying in front of her two words of "honesty" and taught her a good lesson. Wu hired soon understood the meaning of the father, he is afraid of the good bad astray. That is to say, Lord Wu actually agreed to the Apprenticeship of Zhou Ying.

There is a call of Xiaojiang's apprentice is out of Zhou Ying, two people began to have. By the time of the third, Zhou Ying was stuck. Although there are Wu hired prompt, she still readily admit defeat, determined to comply with the "integrity" of the two words. Wu hired this time to find her, because Shen's family promised to let her go. Zhou Ying thought that he could go to Daddy, so happy that he could not give up again. After all, she was not easy to get the opportunity of apprenticeship so she decided to wait until the apprenticeship was to leave.

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My favorite cartoon character
November 08, 2016 at 12:36

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu Yuwen reprimanded Zhou Ying to teach him to do business to be honest). The results of orders for munitions came out. It was Wu Jiazhong's choice. Wu hired after the news to discuss with his father, decided to complete the order with the Shen family. Shen Yuesheng was dishearting, and after hearing Wu's proposal, he agreed, and he took the right of Zhou Ying to exchange the name of his own. Xing Sheng moved that flustered, feel no face, but only the first swallow.

Although Shen Xingyi was angry, he was still not willing to disconnect with Zhou Ying. He knew the contract once to go, then this girl and then Never mind. Then he quietly stole a piece of paper, journeying alone in the room.

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The job market
November 06, 2016 at 10:33

When Wu saw his father's displeasure, he argued that the Apprenticeship of the east courtyard was established for the selection of talents. Now that Zhou Ying has a great talent for doing business, it is better to make her a formal apprenticeship. Wu Yuwen was not talking, but meditating.

At this time, the servant came to report the news that the Shen family did not change the offer. Originally, the son of Wu difficult is that the blood is too expensive can not reduce costs. And Zhou Ying, who was kneeling on the ground, was advised to replace it with the Ye Zilai of the azalea. Wu Yuwen instantly shortness of breath, her out of the door. Wu has its own character, willing to sacrifice this order is not willing to fraud.

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Lost in disneyland
November 05, 2016 at 17:15

Du Mingli suddenly visited the door, and Shen Yuesheng asked about the orders for the munitions. He thought a winner, did not think Du Mingli said this business has been decided. Life when they arent Shen Wu with the patron get orders, now it is being the most provocative in two words or three sensitive nerve. Du Mingli was so gentle on the surface that he was in fact ambitious, and the situation behind it was becoming more and more dangerous.

After Du Mingli's farewell from Shen's home, Shen Yuesheng's father and son were filled with unwillingness and dissatisfaction, and refused to withdraw from the competition of military orders. Good counsel Du Mingli heart know that people like the devil at the moment, the more depressed, the more will burst out in the back. The chessboard that he laid out has been most successful.

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