The concept of beauty
January 16, 2017 at 14:36

Every year, there are different kinds of beauty pageants and the champions will be definitely the shinning stars. However, as time past, people have seen so many beauties and they start to have higher expectation. Beauty pageant is no longer the big event, and the audience laugh at the result and are picky about these champions. The real beauty should not be defined by appearance.

Recently, a beauty pageant was held in Michigan, America. The girl who was born in China won the champion and became Miss Michigan. It sounded like a great trip for her, but people were critical about her appearance. They said that she was so ugly. However, if the audience had seen the competition, they must appreciate her, because she was very smart and elegant, which made her the shinning star.

The definition of beauty is no longer judged from appearance, and only the charm from inside can make a girl be attractive. Of course, wisdom is also in need, which makes a pretty face stand out, or people will forget it easily.

Zhou Ying and Wu are talking about the great ambition of the future, and the words are all sweet. Wu is happy to be happy with his wife. One of his heart is full of two people's future and future. Even, he said that if two people had children, the name was to be called first. Although Zhou Ying frank, hearing these words but also a shy girl. When

Wu Yuwen went to the fourth week that Hu Jia mischief, furious. This kind of thing that is Wu's reputation, but we still face Jingyang counterparts. He hired the Wu called, is to let Zhou Ying with her father to apologize to Hu boss.

At this point, a group of people called to pay the money. Originally, in the fourth week is outside have many idle away in seeking pleasure. Now, the creditors come to the door. This movement is not small, also alerted the Master Wu four. For weeks he four extremely displeased play the gangster. This scene also let Zhou Ying ashamed, how could not lift their heads.

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The benefits of eating more fruit
January 14, 2017 at 11:05

It is well-known that fruit is good for our health and we should have more. Do you really understand what benefit it brings to us? Let me show you some.

First of all, fruit is good for our skin. Fruit has rich trace elements and vitamin, which can nourish the skin. The makeup is hard to reach its effect. Besides, some fruit have the effect of delaying senescence for the elements their contain. So, eating more fruit can make skin better and look more beautiful.

Secondly, fruit is good for our health. It helps to prevent and treat disease. Fruit is helpful to treat cardiovascular disease, dental ulcer and so on. The people who eat fruit often have less risk to get those diseases.

Last, fruit is delicious. Different fruit have different tastes. Many people like eating it as snacks. For me, eating delicious food can make me feel happy. I often eat apple, pear, banana, litchi and so on. I like them.

To sum up, fruit is really good for us, inside and outside. We should take some in our daily life, but we should not eat excessively.

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Do we have to get married?
January 13, 2017 at 09:27

In the traditional view that everyone’s life is the same. After they were born in the world, they need to grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, have babies and then grow old. Most people always obey the regular until the third step. Nowadays, more and more people are not in the relationship of marriage when their age should be. Then they will be criticized of single. Should we really need to get married when we are at that age? I don’t think so. The reasons are as follow.

On the one hand, marriage is a long life thing, and everyone has the right to choose the one they believe that they are willing to accompany forever. Every combination should on the foundation of happiness. Before they find the one, they don’t need to find a whatever to build a family. After all, choosing a wrong person won’t be happy. It is no need to do it.

On the other hand, as the purpose of marriage is to seek happiness, no one can say that single is not happy for sure. If a person is happy as they are single, there is no reason for them to head in an unsure relationship. In addition, being single for the whole life is not so bad, and it can be happy, too.

As far as I am concerned, happiness is the most important, not marriage. Everyone should make their decision depends on their own situation.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu hired confession, Zhou Ying no longer moved away)

Wu recruited Zhou Ying to go to his parents and beg for love. He said that if he had to be separated from Zhou Ying, he would not be awake at that time. The gentle and gentle master of the day was abnormally stubborn in Zhou Ying. The state of Zhou Ying

Wu and Zhou Ying two people to determine their heart, together with Wu Yuwen to ask for love. But seem to have angry to the extreme what Master Wu said nothing, turned to slam the door into the room. Even Mrs. Wu didn't think that the gentle and gentle son of the day was unusually obstinate on Zhou Ying. She had a pain in her son's body, but Wu Pinfei had to kneel until his father agreed to leave Zhou Ying.

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Get rid of stubborn fat
January 11, 2017 at 17:03

When Spring Festival comes, everybody is happy for the special day. It is not because they can relax for a while, but also can stay more time with families. After the holiday, most people get fatter when they get back to work. The food they eat in the holiday is usually all kinds of meat, which makes them get fat in a short time. It is in need of getting rid of fat.

The first thing they need to do is to balance the food. Meat should be less while vegetable can be more. Fruit is good for the body, which can promote the food to be digested. Some people refuse to have food, which is the wrong way to lose weight. We need to make sure our body is healthy, only this can make lose weight meaningful.

The second thing is to get exercise. People always complain about that they sit in the office all the day and don’t have the time to take exercise. Actually, they can do the exercise in the house instead of going out. For example, they can do yoga by seeing the video in front of the computer.

If we have the strong will, then we can keep fit.

When night comes to visit Du Mingli, Shen four knelt before him, give money. Now the Lord Shen in the days of harassment has lost his mind, even if you want to let the real Wu pay for their son's death. All this time in Du Mingli's plan, because he is the side page in the night quietly sneak into the warehouse into a false dragon wu. He is around the boy took the weapon to kill, check the Shenyang master Shen Yuesheng. Once the plot spread, gathering is not just a person's life. Du Mingli to Wu, is in the bag.

A week Yingshuan bell practice one day, finally have a kind of behavior. When she heard Wu hired home, she jumped up with excitement, and the sound of the bell was crisp. I saw Zhou Ying walking into the door with small steps, deliberately whispered softly words, holding the music is very funny. She also wanted to pour tea to her husband, but she fell to the ground because of the awkward walking. Zhou Ying said, sitting on the ground, Wu hired gently pull her up, smiled and said don't practice.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Yingxue rules no decent down)

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Spend tomorrow's money
January 09, 2017 at 15:51

With the development of technology, now people’s life has become very convenient. They can just take a smart phone at hand and then all the bills can be paid by it. More young people choose to use credit card and spend money ahead. This act can be advocated to some degree.

For the people who have secure job is good for them to spend tomorrow’s money. With money, they can improve their life standard. Such as paying the house every month, or buying some products that make them happy. The meaning of money is to make life better, otherwise it is just the paper.

While for some people who has low income, they need to be careful. Once they spend too much money ahead, it can be a great burden for them to pay off. Some girls lose minds when they see the number that they can pay, then they live hard life in the long time, just to pay off the debt.

Credit card is convenient. People can live a better life, only if their income supports them to pay off slowly. Spending tomorrow’s money is a good choice sometimes.

Zhou Ying wants to go out, but was stopped by the boy. She listened to the bird's call out of the yard and thought she was not free and unwilling. When Wu came to come, he saw Zhou Ying climbed the tree and refused to come down. Wu had no choice but to promise her that she would take her out to the city as long as she had met her request. He is now the woman love is full of personal independence of conduct, a reluctant to blame.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying still climb the tree would not down, hire Wu promised to take her to go out to relax)

Shen Si Hai finally saw his son being put out and his heart was distressed. Xing Sheng moved his feet and wrists with blood. He was forced to bear the pain, kneeling in front of his father, full of unwillingness. Shen four gave him a slap and warned him not to act rashly temporarily. The next people are saying that Wu has been better, but Xing Sheng knows that big brother can't come back again. Despite the fact that the situation could not be questioned for the time being, he was still not going to give up.

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A favourite of Grammy: Adele
January 08, 2017 at 14:47

Every year, the Grammy award ceremony catches the world’s attention. American movies take the lead around the world, and the famous popular singers are favored everywhere. This year, Adele became the biggest winner. She won five awards after she was nominated for five awards. She is Grammy’s Beloved.

Adele, a fat girl who was from Britain. She has the amazing voice, while her appearance first was not favored by the music producer. It is known to all that there were so many beautiful girls who were also talented in music. But Adele’s voice was special and something classic, so the music producer did not give up her. The fact turned out to be that they made the right choice.

Adele’s powerful and classic voice soon was favored by the audience. Her first album won many awards in Britain, which caught the musicians’ attention, then she released her second album. As many people sung her song in the singing competition, Adele was famous around the world.

Though Adele quits singing for three years, her songs could be heard everywhere. Adele inspires many girls to follow their dreams.

Du Mingli took the boy went to Shenjiamen, the feeling suffered many setbacks. He is wearing a mask "to help", between words are provoking Shen universal emotions. Anger is sad but nowhere to vent the stalls, Shen Sihai seems to see the hope of revenge on Du Mingli, immediately promised to do everything. And Du Mingli also said that in three days, Xing Sheng would be able to move home.

Mr. Zhang came to visit Zhao Baishi after he received the dracon. He knew he was the disciple although humble, but she wanted to clarify the officials. As stubborn as Zhao Baishi, only from the overall situation to persuade him to put Xing Sheng shift first. Only in this way can we find an opportunity to apply for a retrial of military demand. After a debate, Zhao Baishi was successfully persuaded.

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Non-English shows are becoming more and more popular
January 07, 2017 at 13:24

The Hollywood culture is favored by the world. Every year, the movies produced by Hollywood always win both money and fame. In recent years, the US TV series are also popular and catch more fans. The English language shows become the winners all the time. But non-English language shows are starting to arise.

The most famous non-English language movies are Indian movies. Because of the Bollywood, which came before Hollywood, Indian movies are produced well and have its own feature. Besides, more TV series of non-English language are popular around the world. The Swedish show Skam is the hottest, and a lot of Chinese young fans are so crazy about it.

Watching the show is a good way to learn the language and culture. It is a good trend for people to pay attention to various cultures. Today, as the world gets globalized, it is important to know more about the world and broaden our vision. Though what we learn from the non-English language shows is limited, it is better than not to watch.

Wu employed in the wedding night wake up smoothly, then the critical moment to come forward Zhou Yingshun chapter became a housewife. After Hu Yongmei hit dizzy, woke up, but that his beloved man has a girl and got married, can not help the tears fall down.

Zhou Ying woke up and saw the big red beds and the layout of the room, under customary with melon seeds will be eaten. A group of girls had been waiting outside, and they were fighting to wash her hands and feed the soup. The boy is shouting in unison less of her grandmother, Zhou Ying saw the parade uncomfortable, had to go It's politic to leave. Wu, who knew her personality, went to her office.

Wu Yuwen received just sent the letter, the original is the Imperial Emperor again, military fraud was completely cleared. With his son having passed the most dangerous days, he finally fell to the ground with the big stone in his heart.

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The origin of Father's Day
November 17, 2016 at 16:19

Almost every kid will be asked the question of whom do you like better, your mother or your father. There is no doubt that mother is very great as she gives you the life, while father is also of importance. Father’s Day is invented to show gratitude to fathers. Its coming has a story.

The first person to propose the idea of Father’s Day was Mrs. Dodd in 1906. She wanted a special day to honor her father, whose wife passed away many years ago. At first, Mrs. Dodd wanted Father’s Day to be celebrated on her father’s birthday, but later President Johnson signed a paper to declare the third Sunday of June was Father’s Day. Since then, it became an international day. It is not only to honor one’s father, but also the fathers of all the people.

Father’s Day reminds people to show gratitude to their fathers, who loves you all the time and no matter what difficulty you meet, he will stand by your side. So however busy we are, we should call them now and then.

Wu Yuwen saw that Zhou Ying was not touched by a person behind a pillar outside the door. At this time, Wu Erye reminded him to bundle this girl, after all of a sudden you glory, splendour, wealth and rank body, move crooked mind. But Wu Yuwen also decided, as long as Zhou Ying to abide by the rules, he will treat this critical moment to come forward.

After the people were scattered, only Wu and Zhou Ying were left in the room. He looked at Zhou Ying in front of him, with a gentle face. Zhou Ying thought that Wu Pinhui disappointed, he said to Hu Yongmei back. I heard Wu said you were my wife and I would take care of you all my life. Zhou Ying did not respond to it, after all, the weight of his "life" was too heavy. She watched before playing maid called her little lady, can't adapt to the transformation of identity. Soon at the time of his bedtime, Zhou Ying took off his coat by himself and hurried to the bed and buried himself in the quilt.

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What is life for?
November 15, 2016 at 20:15

Since we were born, we are meant to face the stage of study and work until we retire, which seems everybody does the same thing in their life. They start to wonder about the meaning of life. In my opinion, the meaning of life lies in study and finding the right place.

Study comes first for human being. Since we learn the knowledge, we get to know about the world. The more we learn, the more we want to search for the unknown knowledge. The world is beautiful because of diversity, and there are so many amazing scenery waiting for us to discover. At the process of searching the knowledge, we also become mature and have our own thinking.

Finding the place in the world is the basic task for us. The purpose of knowledge is to master some skills, so as to get accustomed to the world and know what we want to do and what we can bring to the world. The value we create can bring happiness to people we love and make a contribution to the world.

Life is short, but we keep searching all the time.

Outside the hospital is a lively wedding, Mrs. Wu looked at other relatives of the children, do not stop to worry about his son. Zhou Ying looked at the bed on the inner courtyard of the Wu employed, quietly to discuss with him, to wake up. It seemed as if she had heard her words, and Wu had opened his eyes slowly! Zhou Ying was happy to shout, "the young master wakes up!" A public servant ready meals, the doctor also rushed to view the illness. He said that Wu has been improving, so long as it is adjusted, it can be restored. Wu Yuwen immediately decided to do the wedding banquet transported with joy, three days, three days also sing opera.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying stills for Miss Hu to hire Wu Chongxi)

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The choice of career
November 12, 2016 at 14:54

When students graduate from college, most of them choose to start their career. In general opinion, a college student should work on something that is related to their major, if not, what they learn is believed to be wasted. In my opinion, everyone has their right to choose what they want to do, regardless of other’s criticism.

Recently, it has been reported that a student who graduated from first class university worked as a deliver guy. A lot of people felt pity for him, because they believed that this guy deserved a noble job, such as sitting in the office. While some people objected, they thought that every job was equal. There was no rule for people to decide what kind of job they should work on.

I believe that we should respect young people’s choice. The job they work on doesn’t mean they must use their major knowledge. The meaning of receiving education is to teach us to be a better person. Even though we choose to be a farmer, we are the different farmers, because we have better skill and more polite.

Soon, Wu Shen, the two things to make a munition ointment, began to run. All the herbs were found in the warehouse, and all of them were in an orderly manner. At the same time, the court also began to hire Wu Wu wedding. Zhou Ying listen to the girl about Wu Pinyao married Miss Hu, also saw her paintings hanging on the wall, not by a ridicule. Wu Pinlai just looking for Zhou Ying, asked her class after graduation to apprentice. Zhou Ying's idea is to leave here and have a chance to do his own small business.

Wu is interested in Zhou Ying's new ideas, and asks her to comment on Hu Yongmei's calligraphy and painting. Zhou Ying mercilessly that the painting is boring, claws. After Zhou Ying walked away, Wu had thought of her words, only felt funny, and turned the servant girl down.

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